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68// Strong Mind, Lean Body with Tony Greco

Tony Greco has been in the fitness industry for over 20 year.  He is a highly sought after NHL and celebrity trainer, motivational speaker and the Founder of Greco Fitness. Tony believes that having a winning attitude of believing that nothing is going to stop you, and that you must finish everything you started, is […]

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EASY GREEN SHAKE RECIPE when your kids are eating pizza

Green shakes are an easy way to boost nutrient density, add some great protein to support your metabolism and your weight loss success. Here’s an easy recipe I make when my kids are eating less goal supporting foods or to replace breakfast or an afternoon snack. WANT THE PROTEIN? Get 15% OFF with code: FIT […]

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67// Lose 100 lbs with Fitness and Mindset with Jasmine Perks

   Jasmine  is a Personal Development Fitness Coach, Body Transformation & Nutrition Coach, as well as a  Behaviour & Mindset Lifestyle Coach She has been successful on the fitness stages but where she really shines is how she supports her clients every single day through mindset and performance.  She advocates for ditching your fears, […]

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61//Best Fitness Tips to a Fitter, Healthier You: SUMMER RESET SERIES

In today’s episode, I share with you my 10 tips on how you can make changes with whatever Body Project Goal you’re working on. This is a great time of year to reset and reframe what your goals are.  These tips will show you how to increase movement, get on track with your nutrition and […]

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60// Fat Burning HIIT Workouts with Catherine Tanaka: SUMMER RESET SERIES

In today’s episode, we are talking about High Intensity Interval Workouts and how easy it can be to get on track with your fitness and health. JOIN OUR 5 DAY HIIT CHALLENGE: JOIN US for the Green Shake Challenge to get you back on track after summer indulging:  

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59// 3 Habits To Aid Weight Loss with Catherine Tanaka

Join me tomorrow on LinkedIn at  as I share #10tips10days about how you can start simple habits to support your body project goals! In today’s episode, we are talking about Deep Breathing, Sleep and Hydration.  Three habits to adopt to support your weight loss goals! JOIN US for the Green Shake Challenge to get you […]

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055// Power Yoga + EFT and Your Best Life with Carol Baxter

Today my interview is with Carol Baxter.  Carol is a yoga teacher, energy healer, and student of different energy modalities for over 10 years.  She thrives on continuous education from a variety of yoga disciplines and healing modalities, focusing on the theme of presence, connection, self-expression, and the powerful practice of embodiment. When working with […]

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054// Kundalini Yoga and House Music with Carmelinda Dimanno

Carmelinda  is world class DJ and renaissance women, who has studied and explore so many studies and now specializing as a movement guru leading her tribe through the practice of yoga.  She has always had a passion for movement and fitness and has been touted to have a contagious energy that transcends the space of […]

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048//P.2 Escape with Fitness & Yoga with Kyla Gagnon

In Part 2 of our interview with Kyla we chat about her Yoga Practice and retreats. Kyla is passionate about a new found love in yoga.  She passionately delivers yoga as a way to deepen her spiritual practice and create an escape for her clients through her yoga/fitness retreats abroad. In today’s episode we discussed: […]

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047//P.2 Yoga & Grace with Tracey Soghrati

In part 2 of my episode with Tracey Sogrhati we continue our conversation talking about her powerful program, BOUNDARIES: saying no with grace. We take a deep dive into how you can transform your life and how you can metamorphosis into your new self. In today’s episode we discussed: Find grace in saying no and […]

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047//P.1 Power of Yoga & Mindfulness with Tracey Soghrati

Today I interview the epic and Masterful Yogi, Tracey Soghrati.  She is a movement guru who focuses on bridging the gap between the mind and body connection through the practice of yoga. She believe that yoga is a therapeutic tool that allows for self-reflection and that her practice lends not only to a powerful movement […]

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