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My name is Catherine Tanaka.
I am a Fitness expert and Mindset Coach, and the host and producer of The Body Project Podcast.  But one of my greatest joys is being a mom of two. 

I specialize in transforming busy working women, into their most confident, happiest and fittest selves. 

My life's mission is to share the knowledge and tools to teach you how to be empowered and confident in your health and body, so you can live your best life.  

The trifecta that creates life long results has transformed thousands of my clients: fitness, nutrition and mindset.

I am of the belief that women can have it all.  They can work, if they choose, they can be mothers, friends and live a full and fulfilled life while feeling their best in their bodies. 

Fitness is the powerful practice of focused movement the make us feel good and build a strong body.  Enter your text here...

Nutrition is the cornerstone to fuelling our bodies well so we can function optimally.

Mindset is a powerful tool that allows us to overcome limiting belief, shift old patterns and give us self-mastery.  With the powerful tools of mindful meditation, self reflection and focused journaling. 


I have transformed hundred of women giving them sustainable consistent results that don't leave them starving, chasing diet culture or working out for hours on end. 

My system is a realist way for busy working women to have their cake and eat it too.

Since 1999, I have been in the fitness industry refining numerous training principles, learning about nutrition science and what make people change and shift their paradigm to simultaneously get results! For those of you that are unsure if I am the coach for you, that’s ok! But I assure you that “someday” does NOT exist.

SO, find yourself the tools, the coach, the program, the meal plan - THAT HAS PROVEN RESULTS - that you can get yourself healthy and fit. If you think you have it figured out or can do this on your own, ask yourself: Why do you NOT HAVE your ideal body yet? Why aren’t you fitting fitness into your life each and every week? If you could, you already would have… So why wait?

You came looking for me because you know that this part of your life is nowhere near satisfactory and based on the rest of your life- how successful you are- you crave success and control in this area of your life too!

I’m about to make a bold statement: I’ll be able to transform your body into the best version of you; alignment with who you’ve always wanted to be.

This is just not another diet or fitness plan. In fact this is more an anti-diet.  With sound fitness principles, I get you the results that make you strong and feel amazing.  With amazing nutrition science, I teach you how to intuitively nourish your body to feel your best and look your best.  With CBT meets fitness principles, using meditation, mindfulness and focused journaling, I empower women to overcome patterns that has kept them on the yo-yo diet train or constantly feeling stuck. 

If you are ready to completely transform who you are and have focused coaching support, let's chat.

Our NEW 100 DAY PROTOCOL is an incredible transformation program to teach you how to nourish your body, train your body and shift your mindset.  Fitness: mind, body and spirit

The results during the 14 weeks are outstanding!  
They are real results that are sustainable.
Your body and feeling amazing is the gateway to your greatness.


Let me guide you to look better, attain your best version AND support you to make your success lasting.
My 100 Day Program outlines the system to be consistent, work hard, plan for success and attain it.
You will see that you BEST Self is right at your fingertips.
This system has delivered sustainable results to hundreds of past clients.

I have helped women throughout North America transform their bodies and mindset
 to be the best versions of themselves.

100 Day Body Project Protocol
The best version of yourself. 

Join My FREE 7 Day Green Challenge

This 7 Day Green Shake Challenge is a great way to improve your nutrition with high nutrient-dense shakes.
They will have your metabolism humming, reducing any bloat and make you feel great! 

Let me show you how easy and delicious it is to have one green shake a day!  

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" Catherine has beautifully merged mindfulness to everyday fitness reminding us that fitness and self-care goes deeper than the physical. Love the actionable tips & brilliant guest!"    -runnerl8