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" Catherine has beautifully merged mindfulness to everyday fitness reminding us that fitness and self-care goes deeper than the physical. Love the actionable tips & brilliant guest!"    -runnerl8


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​My name is Catherine Tanaka. I am a Personal Trainer, Transformation Coach, Yogi enthusiast and Mom of two.

As powerful women, with our A-game constantly in-check, finding time for health and fitness is sometimes one more thing to be on top of. I totally get it!

Most of my clients are super success in most aspects of their lives- incredible moms, business professionals, socialites in the city, but when it comes to optimizing their health and fitness, they’re left feeling less than ordinary or out-of-control.

​Are you looking to master your health and fitness?  Are you looking to be fit, sexy, and lean to reflect the successes in the rest of your life? Are you sick and tired of feeling frumpy? I have the Answer for YOU!



​Well you’re in luck! My “talent” is being on my Fitness Game to get you on your game- I know how to facilitate solutions for my clients that get them AMAZING results!


​Since 1999, I have been in the fitness industry refining numerous training principles, learning about nutrition science and what make people change and shift their paradigm to simultaneously get results! For those of you that are unsure if I am the coach for you, that’s ok! But I assure you that “someday” does NOT exist.

SO, find yourself the tools, the coach, the program, the meal plan - THAT HAS PROVEN RESULTS - that you can get yourself health and fit. If you think you have it figured out or can do this on your own, ask yourself: Why do you NOT HAVE your ideal body yet? Why aren’t you fitting fitness into your life each and every week? If you could, you already would have… So why wait?

You came looking for me because you know that this part of your life is nowhere near satisfactory and based on the rest of your life- how successful you are- you crave success and control in this area of your life too!

I’m about to make a bold statement: I’ll be able to transform your body into the best version of you; alignment with who you’ve always wanted to be. You came here today because I HAVE THE ANSWERS FOR YOU!!!!

So let’s do this! Let’s jump on this journey together to get this part of your life matching the powerhouse women you are. I have created an incredible 28 Day Protocol that will get you the results you need. I’m a long time fitness trainer who is dedicated to educating my clients and being the catalyst for people to achieve their goals.

With doing this as long as I have, I have had the opportunity to hone my methods and develop the disciplines that will help you achieve your goals in your health and fitness.

​​28 Day Protocol: this is an incredible jump-start, a reset or reboot for your system to teach you how to nourish your body, train your sexy structure and heal your soul.

The results during this short, habit-building time are great, real but even more important: sustainable!!! We all know when we look better, we feel better!


Let me help you look better, attain your ultimate version AND support you to continue this way forever. My protocol outlines the simple way to be consistent, work hard, plan for success and attain that it. You will see that you Optimal Self is right at your fingertips. Trust Me You can trust that my protocol will deliver you the results you need.

I have helped women throughout Canada transform their physique to be the best versions of themselves. You can have it all! The best version of yourself. ​

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They will have your metabolism humming, reducing any bloat and make you feel great! 

Let me show you how easy and delicious it is to have one green shake a day!  

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