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135// Just As You Are with Alyssa Catzman, Psychotherapist and Children Mental Health Expert on Body Positivity

Today I speak with mom and psychotherapist Alyssa Catzman about her book, Just As You Are, a book about children’s mental health and body positivity.

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134// Body Positivity and Fitness: Why I’m talking about this

I have the honour and privilege of being on Canada’s Global Morning Show with Carolyn and Jeff as a Fitness Expert and Mindset Coach.  I spoke about Body Positivity in the Fitness space, really looking to bridge the gap between the negative ideas around fitness only pushing diet culture, and how important fitness really is […]

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132// Your Next 100 Day Success Blueprint is Here with Edwin Frondozo

Today is part 3 our my three part series discussing 100 Day Focused execution fellow podcaster and Entreprenuer Edwin Frondozo. In this episode you will learn how to apply your own 100 Day Epic to your life and what this means for getting the results you desire. Edwin’s next 100 X Mastermind kicks off September […]

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131// What you need to know about the magic of 100 days with Edwin Frondozo

Today we are talking about what Edwin Frondozo, founder, podcaster and entreprenuer, did to optimize his business success. Edwin’s next 100 X Mastermind kicks off September 22nds 2021: JOIN HIM at WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MY 100 DAY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM? Go to Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW if you haven’t yet.  Thank […]

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130// POWER OF 100: 100 day epic with Edwin Frondozo

Today I sit down with my friend and fellow podcaster, Edwin Frondozo.  We discuss the power of 100 Days and his powerful journey to discovering how focused execution of 100 day Sprints have completely transformed his business and his life.   Listen in to all the amazing intel Edwin gained in his journey. Want to […]

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128// Podcasting Again: My comeback Episode and how to get fitter this year

I’m back!!! This is my comeback episode clearing the space for the podcast to serve all of you and how important this conversation of how fitness is a powerful gateway to your greatness. I’m excited to get the conversation stated! I’d love to hear from you and about what you want to hear about on […]

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Back Surgery and Fitness Motivation

127// My back condition, back surgery consult and how to create impact and fitness motivation

Today is a different episode than we’ve had before on the podcast… I am taking a break from this podcast . I have loved creating content, doing the interviews and creating a conversation around fitness being the access point to your highest version. I am taking a pause to honour my own self care through […]

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126// Fitness Photo shoots and Celebrating You Best Self Now with Paul Buceta

Today on the top rated fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, we are finishing our Frumpy to Fabulous Series that we started way back before COVID with Danae Pierce. Listen to her episode here: This interview is the follow up to the conversation with Danae, with Strong Magazine’s chief photographer, Paul Buceta.  Paul is the […]

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fitness commitment and fitness goals, how to trust yourself again for weight loss success

125// Fitness Commitment VS Fitness Goal: Learning To Trust Yourself Again for Weight Loss Success

Today on the top rated fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, I talk about the difference between our Fitness Commitments and our Fitness Goals. On episode 82, we spoke about Creating a Fitness Vision. Creating a vision is important to get clear on where you are going. A commitment however is as important because this […]

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124// Mindset Reset: Change Limiting Beliefs and Fitness Self-Sabotage

Today on the top rated fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, I am share three simple steps to reset your mindset and look at your limiting beliefs and fitness self-sabotage. Resetting your Mindset is  an important aspect of shifting how we are in the world and what we see is possible for ourselves. I touch […]

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