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057// Fitness Philosophies to Live by with Catherine Tanaka

We are all looking to live our best lives and find what works for our bodies, fits our schedules and works for us. I believe that a deeper commitment and where real traction happens is when we put things in place- outline our governing principles like our governing beliefs that drives the commitment on the […]

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056// Sculpt Your Body and Self Love with Stephanie Katona

Stephanie  is a top class trainer, and is passionate about educating her clients on how to live a balanced and strong lifestyle. She is the founder and trainer at Sklpt fitness, a premier training facility in the heart of Toronto Canada.  Stephanie believes that a strong body is essential in helping transform one’s mental and […]

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055// Power Yoga + EFT and Your Best Life with Carol Baxter

Today my interview is with Carol Baxter.  Carol is a yoga teacher, energy healer, and student of different energy modalities for over 10 years.  She thrives on continuous education from a variety of yoga disciplines and healing modalities, focusing on the theme of presence, connection, self-expression, and the powerful practice of embodiment. When working with […]

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054// Kundalini Yoga and House Music with Carmelinda Dimanno

Carmelinda  is world class DJ and renaissance women, who has studied and explore so many studies and now specializing as a movement guru leading her tribe through the practice of yoga.  She has always had a passion for movement and fitness and has been touted to have a contagious energy that transcends the space of […]

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053// GIFT: Girls In Fitness Training with Tanya Carinci

Tanya is a personal trainer and the founder of GIFT- girls in Fitness training.  GIFT shows girls how to move well, be body aware, and lift weights as part of the larger conversation of how to grow confidently  and navigate the best version of themselves.  Tanya believes that movement and fitness fosters not only a […]

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052// Movement is Joy with Cezarina Trone

Cezarina is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher & Trainer, and retreat leader who believes that movement, lifestyle, balance & wellness can give you access to the greatest self-love and self-mastery. She believe that yoga is a powerful access to inner transformation.  She is passionate about using movement and empowering her clients to […]

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051// Transform Muscle & Mindset with Ann-Marie Flinn

Ann-Marie Flinn is a mother of two, professional performance and mindset coach, and the creator of In Powered Living- a coaching business that transforms her clients lives.  She embodies what an athlete is; from a figure skater as a child to being an incredible triathalete, and world class body builder. But the biggest piece of […]

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050// Fifty Episodes from Fat Loss To Fitness

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Body Project Podcast and 50 Episodes deep.  It has been an exciting run and satisfying journey speaking about everything from fat loss to fitness. I am humbled and honoured by you tuning in week after week as we chat with some of the best movement and fitness […]

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049// Trust Your Fitness with Carmen Shawn

Carmen Shawn is a HOLISTIC LIVING COACH that helps clients overcome health and body challenges through mindful nutrition, movement and habit change. Carmen figures out what your personal health and wellness issues are, how they intersect and what affects them holistically. Helping you develop strategies to overcome any obstacles both personal and professional to live […]

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048//P.2 Escape with Fitness & Yoga with Kyla Gagnon

In Part 2 of our interview with Kyla we chat about her Yoga Practice and retreats. Kyla is passionate about a new found love in yoga.  She passionately delivers yoga as a way to deepen her spiritual practice and create an escape for her clients through her yoga/fitness retreats abroad. In today’s episode we discussed: […]

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