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Blood Sugar: A Busy Woman’s Guide

Are you busy and struggling to keep your blood sugar levels in check? No worries! We’ve got your back with practical strategies designed specifically for you. Get ready to balance your levels without the fuss. Blood sugar – it fuels your brain and muscles. But it can be a rollercoaster ride. Let’s simplify things. Why […]

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Fat Loss For Women Over 40 Series

HOLIDAY EDITIONDive into the holiday season with the latest episode of our “Fat Loss for Women Over 40” series, where I, Catherine Tanaka, unveil the secrets to maintaining momentum during the holiday season. In this holiday edition, the spotlight is on the crucial role of movement in achieving success on your fitness journey. Join me […]

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159// Your Body Is Your Temple with Melanie Ann Layer of Alpha Femme & The Channel Sisters

Fitness has been a powerful access point to all the codes that lead my life and how I lead my clients. Listen to this beautiful interview that I did with my coach, Melanie Ann Layer and my closest friend, Radhika Lakhani. __________________________100 DAY FAT LOSS & MINDSET TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMIf you’re looking for focused support this […]

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158// Breathwork: Healing & Manifesting with Kyla Gagnon

Breathwork has been a powerful modality that I’ve been using personally and tapping into for my healing journey for almost three years now.  The first person I went to for breathwork was my friend Kyla Gagnon.   Kyla is a  is an personal trainer turned somatic breathwork practitioner, a business owner and creator of an […]

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155// Fitness Retreat and The Fat Loss Kickstart

I am so excited of what is to come this quarter in the podcast. I am lining up special guest who are experts in the field around metabolism, menopause, midlife and movement.  I love diving deep in these conversations with my guests. On today’s episode, I’m sharing with you an overview of what’s in the […]

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Frumpy To Fit: How To Kickstart Fat Loss For Busy Women in Peri menopause

Reset Your Energy in 5 Days In today’s episode I discuss the three things you can do starting today to Kickstart Your Fat Loss.  When busy women are looking to step into a Fat Loss Phase, a phase that isn’t something you should be stuck in year long, it is important to consider these three […]

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The Inflammation Solution: Fat-Busting Foods For Optimal Weight Loss

Inflammation has been a buzz word in the health and fitness space for several years now.  As women get into midlife, ages 40 and beyond, optimizing health and managing inflammation and stress on our system becomes increasingly important.    If optimal health is important to you, you will also want to know about the role […]

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IS STRESS KEEPING YOU FAT??? Understanding Stress as you age

Understanding stress is key to coping with life’s obstacles, but moreover, if you’re a busy women in her 40’s and 50’s your stress could be counteracting all the hard work you put in the gym and the way you nourish yourself by hindering your body’s ability to lose body fat! Whether you’re seeking relief from everyday […]

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Why Women 40+ Gain Weight Despite Unchanged Eating Habits

Fat Loss and Fitness over 40 for women can be a puzzling phenomenon of unexplained weight gain despite an unchanged diet. It can be incredibly disheartening to step on the scale and see the numbers creeping up, even when you feel like you’re sticking to your usual eating habits, that you’re doing the workouts and […]

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How to Boost Metabolism & Burn Calories (With Protein Recipe)

Many people struggle to know how to boost their metabolism and burn calories. However, one important factor in weight loss is metabolism. A slow metabolism can make losing weight feel like an uphill battle, which is frustrating for anyone trying to shed pounds.  With so much information available, figuring out where to start can take […]

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5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths and Mistakes That Keep Women in their 40’s and 50’s Feeling Stuck, Frustrated, and Confused On How To Get Results

As a 43-year-old female fitness trainer and mindset coach, I have seen many women struggle with their weight and body image. Over the years that I’ve been supporting women transform their bodies, I have noticed that many of my clients fall prey to the same fat loss myths and mistakes that keep them overweight, frustrated, […]

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