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97// Guided De-stress Meditation by Michelle Jacob

This is a simple, but beautiful guided meditation by Michelle Jacob, founder of Rewiring Minds, HeartMath Practitioner, EFT specialist, mother, author and coach. It is a great meditation to down regulate your stress response and reset your mindset to boost your immune function. FIND MORE ABOUT MICHELLE HERE: Website: Links to social media: Youtube: Facebook: […]

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96// Rewiring Minds & COVID Stress with Michelle Jacob

Today on the best fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, we are switching the conversation in response to the Global Pandemic- we are pausing our Frumpy to Fabulously Fit Series to bring you the conversation of what you can do starting today to support your immune health and help manage your health through this emotional […]

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Move through fear with a 10 minute yoga stretch flow. Accessible for all levels. 🌞BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH A 7 DAY GREEN SHAKE CHALLENGE🌞 👉 ▶️[PLEASE CLICK “SHOW MORE” 👇] Hey Body Project Peeps! Welcome to my channel! 😍 JOIN ME FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK TO PRACTICE A SHORT YOGA SESSION […]

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With all the fear and panic around COVID-19, it is important to check in and manage our anxieties. One of the best way is to get grounded through breath-work and meditation. This is a simple guided meditation to get you grounded and with the intention to move through your day with ease and less anxiety. […]

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In the midst of this pandemic, it is important to keep yourself healthy and your immune system resilient. ▶️[PLEASE CLICK “SHOW MORE” 👇] 🌞7 DAY GREEN SHAKE CHALLENGE: reset how you fuel your body 🌞 Let’s get started! 👉 Hey Body Project Peeps! Welcome to my channel!  Meditation through motion and yoga is a […]

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95// Fitness Transformation and Being Photo Shoot Ready! with Danae Pierce

Today on the best fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, we are finishing our conversation with Danae Pierce.  She is sharing with us the experience of winning a photo shoot and all the emotions attached to winning (again), how she started working towards feeling her best and how she started taking this beautiful opportunity and […]

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94// COVID-19 May Be Worse For You Than You Think: Coronavirus Infecting Your Mind

COVID-19: Cause of a Global Pandemic: this is a poignant moment is history. The World Health Organization declared yesterday that we are now in a full Global Pandemic- sustained communication and transmission of the virus that is not yet contained or controlled.  It is definitely a very serious situation. Serious but not an Apocalypse. COVID-19 might […]

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93// From Frumpy to Fabulously Fit with Dani Charlene

Today on the best fitness podcast, The Body Project Podcast, the conversation is an incredible story of how you can overcome your insecurities of feeing frumpy, not knowing how to start your fitness journey, to taking a chance, making one baby step towards your vision of who you want to be. My episode guest is […]

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92// Broken Body; No Knee Cartilage, Spondylolisthesis and stenosis. Now what?

I just got the results from my knee MRI.  The news is really not ideal- in fact, it might be catastrophic for the trajectory of my fitness career and what I envisioned my body doing over the next decade… Today’s episode was a last minute insert between series to share some of the challenges I […]

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91// CBT, Fitness and You: How your best version is a mindset shift away!

To wrap up our CBT MEETS FITNESS SERIES, it would be a miss if I didn’t wrap up this important conversation with my personal recommendation of this course. I believe that as fitness professionals we have a responsibility to be beacons of knowledge and guidance for our clients and as such this upcoming CBT MEETS […]

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