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114// COVID Misinformation: Public Service Conversation with Dr. Sajjad Fazel

Today, on the top fitness podcast, I interview Dr. Sajjad Fazel. 

Dr. Sajjad Fazel is a public health researcher in the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Department at Alberta Health Services. He is also the research director for Knight’s Cabin – an NGO assisting cancer survivors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. His research focuses on three main areas; health promotion and misinformation, cancer prevention, and tobacco control. Sajjad is currently working with a team of researchers across Canada studying Covid-19 misinformation. He has been featured in major news outlets including BBC, CBC, Voice of America and Global News Radio.
Sajjad holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Manipal University, India and a Master of Public Health from Western University, Canada.

This was a great episode asking how to systematically determine what information you should consume and how to alleviate fear and anxiety around this uncertain time.

HERE’S THE FIRST QUESTION TO ASK: Is this information true!

Far too often, people believe, share and get impacted by information that isn’t event factual- and this is becoming a huge problem- especially for mental health around COVID and with minimizing the spread of the disease.

To find out more about Dr. Fazel and his work, you can find him on LinkedIn


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