Catherine Tanaka
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115// 3 Steps To Weight Loss Success and What To Consider With Motivation

Today, on the best fitness podcast, we are shifting the conversation to asking: how do we want to come out of COVID feeling? How can we start asking different questions, for a different time, that enable us to create positive constructs that get us out of feeling stuck. In today’s episode I share about: The […]

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114// COVID Misinformation: Public Service Conversation with Dr. Sajjad Fazel

Today, on the top fitness podcast, I interview Dr. Sajjad Fazel.  Dr. Sajjad Fazel is a public health researcher in the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research Department at Alberta Health Services. He is also the research director for Knight’s Cabin – an NGO assisting cancer survivors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. His research focuses on three main […]

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113// COVID- Sabotage and The Best Project Is You

Today, on the top fitness podcast, I wanted to chat about how maybe we can start asking the question:  How do you want to come out of COVID? There are so many tools that I have brought to the podcast over the last 8 weeks through some incredible guests.  They have shared their best tips […]

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112// The Happiness Project & Resiliency with Randy Taran

Today, on the top fitness podcast, I interview Randy Taran; happiness and emotional resiliency expert. She is the founder and CEO of The, a global organization with a loyal 2.5 million person following.  Project Happiness is a purpose driven non-profit that promotes emotional resiliency through education tools and programs around the world. Author of […]

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111// My Thoughts on Shifting Grief to Opportunity and Boosting Resiliency for Our Kids

There are heavy burdens being placed on so many right now. I just wanted to share my thoughts on some of the upset surrounding continued restrictions as COVID is still impacting Canada. I believe that we can shift our grief by becoming present to the opportunities of growth and learning, as well as the opportunities […]

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110// The Stuck At Home Society with Dave Anderson and Blake Fly

Everyone is having a hard time during this global pandemic.  The burden is heavy for many and mostly adults, but I always ask, how are my kids doing?  And I know that so many parents see their kids struggling and missing their friends so much. My guests today have an incredible solution that all parents […]

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109// Supporting Kids Through Anxiety and Uncertainty with Keka DasGupta

Parenting advice is a dime a dozen when your a mom and have lots of mom friends.  I love and respect all my mom friends around but there are very few I take advice from that directly alters the way I parent.  Today my guest is a friend, mentor and parent advisor.  She is a […]

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108// Homeschool 101 + How To Navigate Overwhelm and Loosing My Mind

Homeschooling has been the most challenging part for me during quarantine!  I have been overwhelmed and stress about supporting my kids academics.  It has actually been overwhelming to say the least. My goal of this podcast is to share the good, the bad and the struggles of life.  The biggest challenge for me during this […]

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107// My 40th Birthday Covid Celebration and How to Celebrate in Times of Uncertainty.

This episode is a solo episode recorded on my 40th Birthday.  I am celebrating with you, me and the mic. This podcast is one of the most important place that I serve from. I love this platform and I love the conversations and I know that these episodes are making a difference to each and […]

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106// Why Mindfulness Matters and How You Can Start Today with Samara Zelniker

On this episode of The Body Project Podcast, I sat down with a long time acquaintance, Samara Zelniker. Samara is a transformational leadership coach, 500 RYT yoga teacher and founder of Mindfulness Matters, a health and wellness company that helps leaders reach their maximum potential. Through a curated and personalized program, Samara works with people […]

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105// Movement, Mindfulness & Meaningful Connection in the Midst of COVID: Tools for Stressful Times

I  had the wonderful opportunity to attend an online conference called Archangel Beacon hosted by Giovanni Marsico and MC’d by Blake Fly.  It was an extraordinary experience. We also had the incredible opportunity to hear Seth Godin speak about how thought leaders and entrepreneurs can be of service during this time.  He answered a question […]

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104// Finding Gratitude and saying “Thank You Coronavirus” with Riya Sokol

On this episode of The Body Project Podcast; a top rated fitness podcast, I am chatting with Riya Sokol who is an incredible artist and singer- mother of two, activist and Global Music Award Winner. We are talking about going VIRAL- but not in the way of which COVID-19 has been going viral but the […]

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