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050// Fifty Episodes from Fat Loss To Fitness

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Body Project Podcast and 50 Episodes deep.  It has been an exciting run and satisfying journey speaking about everything from fat loss to fitness. I am humbled and honoured by you tuning in week after week as we chat with some of the best movement and fitness […]

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049// Trust Your Fitness with Carmen Shawn

Carmen Shawn is a HOLISTIC LIVING COACH that helps clients overcome health and body challenges through mindful nutrition, movement and habit change. Carmen figures out what your personal health and wellness issues are, how they intersect and what affects them holistically. Helping you develop strategies to overcome any obstacles both personal and professional to live […]

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048//P.2 Escape with Fitness & Yoga with Kyla Gagnon

In Part 2 of our interview with Kyla we chat about her Yoga Practice and retreats. Kyla is passionate about a new found love in yoga.  She passionately delivers yoga as a way to deepen her spiritual practice and create an escape for her clients through her yoga/fitness retreats abroad. In today’s episode we discussed: […]

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048//P.1 Fit, Average & Awesome with Kyla Gagnon

Kyla is a  is an international trainer, a business owner and creator of an online training program called QUICK FIT.  She believes that fitness is a journey and supports her clients through all facets of fitness, nutrition and happiness. She was named best personal trainer and business in her city, is an internationally published fitness […]

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047//P.2 Yoga & Grace with Tracey Soghrati

In part 2 of my episode with Tracey Sogrhati we continue our conversation talking about her powerful program, BOUNDARIES: saying no with grace. We take a deep dive into how you can transform your life and how you can metamorphosis into your new self. In today’s episode we discussed: Find grace in saying no and […]

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047//P.1 Power of Yoga & Mindfulness with Tracey Soghrati

Today I interview the epic and Masterful Yogi, Tracey Soghrati.  She is a movement guru who focuses on bridging the gap between the mind and body connection through the practice of yoga. She believe that yoga is a therapeutic tool that allows for self-reflection and that her practice lends not only to a powerful movement […]

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046// Body Image, and Body Love

We will be getting back on track next week with our amazing interviews but wanted to take a pause to have a conversation about body image and creating body love from a fitness perspective. Body Image is sometime the elephant in the room, so today we are chatting about 1) how the deep seeded conversations that […]

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045// Nutrition Success: Where, What and How

Working on your Body Project Plan and having success in your goals can be challenging to know what the best nutrition to elicit results is. So today I wanted to talk to you about exactly this!  WHERE you can start, WHAT diet is the best out there  and HOW you can start to feel successful. […]

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044// Best Workout to Burn Fat and Get Fitter

Today’s Episode is from a recent Facebook Live on how you can achieve improved fitness, muscle tone and weight loss with less time in the gym. You heard right; High Intensity Interval Training Workouts are the best workouts to increase metabolic conditioning, support fat burning and get you leaner and tighter before the summer. • […]

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043// Meal Planning for Weight Loss Success

This is a spin off from a Facebook Live I did last week, where I share my tips and tricks on: • How Meal Prepping will set you up for weight loss success 🙌🏼 #mealplan101 • How to bridge the gap between knowing how to eat better and exercise and actually DOING it! •  How […]

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042// Fitness Family Motivation with James Abrams, Trainer and gym owner

James Abrams is the owner of Just Train Cleveland and touted as one of the most energetic and motivating trainers you will ever encounter. James is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is known for his high intense workouts and results driven programming. In today’s Interview, we touch on how the fitness […]

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041//Just Train for Life with Justin D’Olimpio: Trainer and Gym Owner

Today I interview Justin D’Olimpio a passionate trainer that was so inspired by his own fitness journey and transformation that he decided to take on being a trainer and gym owner himself! In today’s Episode, we discuss: • Your Fitness Mindset is as important as you physical fitness • How to focus on the 24 […]

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