Catherine Tanaka
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The Inflammation Solution: Fat-Busting Foods For Optimal Weight Loss

Inflammation has been a buzz word in the health and fitness space for several years now.  As women get into midlife, ages 40 and beyond, optimizing health and managing inflammation and stress on our system becomes increasingly important.  If optimal health is important to you, you will also want to know about the role that inflammation […]

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150// My Cancer Scare and Why Mindset Matters

Life is a beautiful journey of learning and expanding through all facets and this last 9 months I have been challenged with a health scare that rocked me, teaching me to deepen my self compassion and resiliency in a way I have never known.  This is a new episode I wanted to share from you […]

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IS STRESS KEEPING YOU FAT??? Understanding Stress as you age

Understanding stress is key to coping with life’s obstacles, but moreover, if you’re a busy women in her 40’s and 50’s your stress could be counteracting all the hard work you put in the gym and the way you nourish yourself by hindering your body’s ability to lose body fat! Whether you’re seeking relief from everyday […]

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Understanding Adrenal Fatigue: A Guide for Busy Women Over 40

Feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Craving sugar and unable to sleep? These experiences are often connected to the constant stress we face in our busy lives. As women over 40, we know all too well the impact stress can have on our health and well-being. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about understanding adrenal fatigue, […]

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Why Women 40+ Gain Weight Despite Unchanged Eating Habits

Fat Loss and Fitness over 40 for women can be a puzzling phenomenon of unexplained weight gain despite an unchanged diet. It can be incredibly disheartening to step on the scale and see the numbers creeping up, even when you feel like you’re sticking to your usual eating habits, that you’re doing the workouts and […]

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How to Boost Metabolism & Burn Calories (With Protein Recipe)

Many people struggle to know how to boost their metabolism and burn calories. However, one important factor in weight loss is metabolism. A slow metabolism can make losing weight feel like an uphill battle, which is frustrating for anyone trying to shed pounds.  With so much information available, figuring out where to start can take […]

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5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths and Mistakes That Keep Women in their 40’s and 50’s Feeling Stuck, Frustrated, and Confused On How To Get Results

As a 43-year-old female fitness trainer and mindset coach, I have seen many women struggle with their weight and body image. Over the years that I’ve been supporting women transform their bodies, I have noticed that many of my clients fall prey to the same fat loss myths and mistakes that keep them overweight, frustrated, […]

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146// 3 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your New Year’s Goal and Fitness Desires

EPISODE 146 s we approach the end of the year, it’s important to remember that our fitness and transformation goals don’t have to be put on hold until the new year. In fact, now is the perfect time to start implementing simple practices around our fitness, nutrition, and mindset to improve our overall health and […]

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Episode 144// Intimacy & Manifesting

I’ve had the craziest week!All things miracles and manifesting.  Speaking of manifesting, are you ready to manifest your juiciest feel good life?   If you are in Toronto June 5th 2022, join us for a full day retreat on s@x and intimacy.  Check out Our next 21 Day Kickstart begins in June so get on the […]

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143// Sex & Intimacy with Sexologist Dr. de Wit

My upcoming Sex & Intimacy Retreat is about women connecting with eachother and tapping into what we desire in life.  I am excellent at creating sacred and safe spaces for women to step into a life worth living!  One of the experts I’m bringing to the retreat is Dr. Stephen de Wit, doctor of sexology […]

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142// Sex & Intimacy Retreat

Sexual Health and Intimacy is part of overall optimal health. This isn’t a topic I’m most versed with but I’m committed to opening the conversation for the women I support.  For my Toronto peeps, I am hosting a one day, in person retreat on May 15th 2022.  If this interested you, check out  Our […]

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