About the Podcast

​We are interviewing some of the industry's best trainers, gurus and fitness pros who inspire fitness in various ways. They will share their journey with you, what sparks their fitness drive and how they push themselves every day so they can inspire you. Hear all the juicy fitness hacks, not only on how they help transform their clients bodies, but how they help transform their lives.

​Latest Podcast Episodes

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055// Power Yoga + EFT and Your Best Life with Carol Baxter
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054// Kundalini Yoga and House Music with Carmelinda Dimanno
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053// GIFT: Girls In Fitness Training with Tanya Carinci
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052// Movement is Joy with Cezarina Trone
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051// Transform Muscle & Mindset with Ann-Marie Flinn
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049// Trust Your Fitness with Carmen Shawn
Carmen Shawn is a HOLISTIC LIVING COACH that helps clients overcome health and body challenges through mindful nutrition, movement and[...]
048//P.2 Escape with Fitness & Yoga with Kyla Gagnon
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048//P.1 Fit, Average & Awesome with Kyla Gagnon
Kyla is a  is an international trainer, a business owner and creator of an online training program called QUICK FIT.[...]
047//P.2 Yoga & Grace with Tracey Soghrati
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047//P.1 Power of Yoga & Mindfulness with Tracey Soghrati
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046// Body Image, and Body Love
We will be getting back on track next week with our amazing interviews but wanted to take a pause to[...]