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Fat Loss For Women Over 40 Series
HOLIDAY EDITIONDive into the holiday season with the latest episode of our "Fat Loss for Women Over 40" series, where[...]
159// Your Body Is Your Temple with Melanie Ann Layer of Alpha Femme & The Channel Sisters
Fitness has been a powerful access point to all the codes that lead my life and how I lead my[...]
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158// Breathwork: Healing & Manifesting with Kyla Gagnon
Breathwork has been a powerful modality that I've been using personally and tapping into for my healing journey for almost[...]
157// Frumpy To Fit: Creating A Fat Loss Plan
One of the powerful accountability structures inside my 100 DAY Fit Mind & Body program is weekly check ins.  The[...]
155// Fitness Retreat and The Fat Loss Kickstart
I am so excited of what is to come this quarter in the podcast. I am lining up special guest[...]
Frumpy To Fit: How To Kickstart Fat Loss For Busy Women in Peri menopause
Reset Your Energy in 5 Days today's episode I discuss the three things you can do starting today to Kickstart[...]
153// Self Confidence- Learning To Trust Yourself And Your Body
Self Confidence is one of the most requested traits my clients ask me to help them improve. In the hustle[...]
152// Transformation: Unlocking Your Best Self (Midlife Fitness, Mindset & Fat Loss)
Get insight on a transformative journey with today's episode as we delve into the three powerful catalysts that can ignite[...]
150// My Cancer Scare and Why Mindset Matters
Life is a beautiful journey of learning and expanding through all facets and this last 9 months I have been[...]
Understanding Adrenal Fatigue: A Guide for Busy Women Over 40
Feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Craving sugar and unable to sleep? These experiences are often connected to the constant stress we face[...]
146// 3 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your New Year’s Goal and Fitness Desires
EPISODE 146 s we approach the end of the year, it's important to remember that our fitness and transformation goals[...]
Episode 144// Intimacy & Manifesting
My upcoming Sex & Intimacy Retreat is about women connecting with eachother and tapping into what we desire in life. [...]
143// Sex & Intimacy with Sexologist Dr. de Wit
My upcoming Sex & Intimacy Retreat is about women connecting with eachother and tapping into what we desire in life. [...]
142// Sex & Intimacy Retreat
Learn More About The Retreat Claim Your Spot For May 15th Sexual Health and Intimacy is part of overall optimal[...]
135// “Just As You Are” Body Positivity with Alyssa Catzman, Psychotherapist and Children Mental Health Expert
As part of the Body Positivity Series, I'm interviewing Alyssa Catzman, registered psychotherapist, who is an expert on children's mental[...]