About the Podcast

​We are interviewing some of the industry's best trainers, gurus and fitness pros who inspire fitness in various ways. They will share their journey with you, what sparks their fitness drive and how they push themselves every day so they can inspire you. Hear all the juicy fitness hacks, not only on how they help transform their clients bodies, but how they help transform their lives.

Latest Podcast Episodes

90// reFRAME Your Mind + Body with Kristen Crowley and Jill Bunny
There is something magical that happens when two powerhouses bind forces, creating a movement to reFRAME how people move through[...]
Jill Bunny is revolutionizing the mindset patterns in the fitness industry.  Jill is bringing her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) certification[...]
88// Fitness with Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis with Jill Bunny
Jill Bunny has a fruitful history in the Fitness Industry.  She is a 4 time IFBB Bikini Champion, Elite Fitness[...]
87// BONUS: Stop Fat or Fit Shaming
Fat shaming, or skinny shaming is not ok. After the conversations last week about mental health and how people can[...]
86// Get Fitter with a HIIT Workout: Science behind HIIT training
Did you know that you can get fit with a 10 minute a day workout? High Intensity Interval Training Workouts[...]
85// Fitness Beliefs + Sabotaging Progress
Could your self-talk and beliefs about what is possible for your fitness goals be holding you back from your best[...]
84// Green Shake Challenge To Detox, Reset and Lose Weight
Green Shakes are an amazing way to get on track with your nutrition, reset sugar cravings and support you in[...]
83// Basics of Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss
2020 KICKSTART SERIES Intermittent fasting(IF) is a powerful tool when it comes to optimizing health and metabolic functioning. Today we[...]
82// Your Fitness Vision Board with Catherine Tanaka
Creating a vision and a plan is super important when it comes to achieving your goal. Learn my step-by-step process[...]
81// 2020 Mindset Shift with Brenda Johnston
  This was a perfect episode to end 2019 with: how to you shift your mindset to level up in[...]
BONUS 80// Looking back on 2019, Celebrating Wins, Being Proud and Road Mapping 2020
VERSION 2.0 IN 2020 ✨ The end of the year is time to reflect on some of my lessons, so[...]
79// Fit Face & Body with Dr. Leah Smith
Dr. Leah Smith is a physician who specializes in low risk obstetrics and runs a community family physician practice.  She[...]
BONUS 78// Entrepreneur Tips on How To Make Fitness A Priority
This was a FB and IG live I did after the Single Bells Event I spoke at in Toronto on[...]
77// Your Happiest Fittest Self Now with Dr. Gillian Mandich
  Dr. Gillian Mandich is a former yogi, and happiness connoisseur turned PHD researcher and is now Canada’s First  happiness[...]
BONUS Ep. 76// How To Feel Great Before Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukkah!
This is audio from last weeks FB and IG live about how to feel great NOW before your next christmas[...]
75// Being Sexy and Loving Your Body with Ute Benecke
This weeks guest is Ute Benecke.  Ute is a former insecure, non-expressed,  sworn catholic girl. Who through her own journey[...]
BONUS Ep. 74// Stop Derailing Your Progress For Your Excuses!
Today's bonus episode was a little off the cuff conversation from my car to you about how it is really[...]
73// Momentum and No More Self Sabotage with Shawn Phelps
My guest today is Shawn Phelps. Shawn is a former senior editor at Financial Post Business Magazine where she discovered[...]