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79// Fit Face & Body with Dr. Leah Smith

Dr. Leah Smith is a physician who specializes in low risk obstetrics and runs a community family physician practice.  She strives to bring high quality, evidence based care to her community practices and loves a holistic approach to support her patients to feel their best.  Most recently,Leah has followed her passion of all thing health […]

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77// Your Happiest Fittest Self Now with Dr. Gillian Mandich

  Dr. Gillian Mandich is a former yogi, and happiness connoisseur turned PHD researcher and is now Canada’s First  happiness doctor. She has spoken on multiple TedX stages, is the resident Television expert on Breakfast Television and The Social, AND  speaking internationally about happiness, how to practice gratitude and how to live your happiest life.  […]

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BONUS Ep. 76// How To Feel Great Before Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukkah!

This is audio from last weeks FB and IG live about how to feel great NOW before your next christmas party or holiday event. There is no better time than now and December doesn’t mean that you derail what you’re up to! Start today! LITTLE BLACK DRESS PLAN JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM JOIN […]

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75// Being Sexy and Loving Your Body with Ute Benecke

This weeks guest is Ute Benecke.  Ute is a former insecure, non-expressed,  sworn catholic girl. Who through her own journey discovered that the divine feminine energy is empowered by sexuality and that women and men can be sexy, feel empowered and love every part of themselves and their body. Ute is the European Sex Guru […]

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BONUS Ep. 74// Stop Derailing Your Progress For Your Excuses!

Today’s bonus episode was a little off the cuff conversation from my car to you about how it is really easy to live into our bullshit excuses and play small in our lives. I struggle with my own limiting thoughts- my tiny ego’s bullshit every single day! And I wanted to share with you to […]

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73// Momentum and No More Self Sabotage with Shawn Phelps

My guest today is Shawn Phelps. Shawn is a former senior editor at Financial Post Business Magazine where she discovered her true gift of being a clairvoyant. She has harnessed her gift to help hundreds of leaders ( C level execs) and top entrepreneurs who are driven by growth and impact.   Shawn’s talent and curated […]

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72// Part 2: Goal Acceleration + Success Rituals with Kevin Dubrosky

In part two of our interview with Kevin we look into how to rid yourself of excuses and how you can quantify your success in all parts of your life to live your best life. _______________ Kevin is an international author of the books “the whale vomit method” and “unlock your Next Level”.  He is […]

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72// Part 1: Setting 2020 Goals + Finding Your Why with Kevin Dubrosky

My guest today is Kevin Dubrosky. Kevin is an international author of the books “the whale vomit method” and “unlock your Next Level”.  He is an incredible speaker, growth consultant and most recently a Certified High Performance Coach©, empowering highly-driven entrepreneurs to tap into their hidden potential.  As a high performance coach, Kevin support his […]

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71// How to CRUSH Your New Year Nutrition Resolution

      How is your nutrition as we enter the last six weeks of the year and start off 2020? Nutrition is often a challenge that so many face when it comes to the Body Project Goals- regardless if it’s weight loss or muscle gain, or just plain feeling energized and good in your […]

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70// New Year, New You Proposition: Let’s Crush 2020

Don’t hold your breath but this series is going to be EPIC! We are going to break down what you need to know to create a clear goal, outline a plan, strategize execution, remove blind spots and barriers and teach you how to break through where you typically fail or get stuck! Don’t miss the […]

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69// Part 2: Rewire Your Mindset, for a Fitter Body with Brian Keane

  In part two of our interview with Brian Keane we chat about his love for fitness, how he challenges his mental game by taking on things he dislikes and how he is looking to REWIRE your mindset with his new seminars and upcoming book! This episode is well worth the listen and begs the […]

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69// Part 1: Fitness Mindset: The Book with Brian Keane

Brian is an online fitness trainer and the founder of Brian Keane Fitness, serving thousands of people online each year. But don’t mistaken by this a former school teacher, professional  fitness model and competitive GAA Football player as just another online fitness coach. He is pushing the envelope in fitness and taking the fitness industry […]

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