Catherine Tanaka
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BONUS Ep. 74// Stop Derailing Your Progress For Your Excuses!

Today’s bonus episode was a little off the cuff conversation from my car to you about how it is really easy to live into our bullshit excuses and play small in our lives.

I struggle with my own limiting thoughts- my tiny ego’s bullshit every single day! And I wanted to share with you to uncover that awareness is important and that we can practice catching ourselves in our self-sabotage- but that we have a say!

You have a say!


About the Author Catherine Tanaka

My name is Catherine Tanaka. I am a Personal Trainer, Transformation Coach, Yogi enthusiast and Mom of two. I am on a mission to make a difference in others happiness through fitness using the best research available to give you the best fitness hacks to make being the best version of you possible. Learn more about my one-on-one coaching or check out my Online Course - The Body Project Protocol.