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  • Weekly meal plans
  • Focused fitness & Accountability
  • Weekly Support, Coaching and Accountability

Mindset Coaching Only




  • Designed for those that know mindset is a challenge and are looking for individual support and coaching around mindset, mindfulness and meditation as tools to improve overall health.
  • Weekly Private Calls
  • Individualized Coaching tailored to your needs




/month +tax

  • Weekly One Hour Accountability and Mindset Coaching
  • Weekly Custom Nutrition Counselling 
  • Weekly Fitness Programming and coaching
  • Custom Meditation, Mindfulness  and Journal Prompts 
  • Unlimited Voxer Access

Your Body Project Online Studio

Your Body Project Studio is about you; you showing up for yourself in self- compassion and self-care with exercise as the access point.

Health is Wealth.

And your health is more important NOW than ever before!

Mental health and resiliency is built through physical exercise.  Physiologically exercise helps metabolize stress hormones, so that this uncertain time, the stress and fear caused by a global pandemic, doesn't stay stuck in you cells as negative energy.

For you it might be about the way you look, and that's ok too.

Where ever you are, is perfectly fine.

This is about starting where YOU are right now, finding the path that BEST fits you, and pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go!

Regardless of your reason to take on your best version and health, showing up for yourself is a powerful place to be!

Your Body Project is yours; let's empower you to become the best version of yourself.  Progress is the project!

As an online member you will receive:

  • Exclusive access to Your Body Project  Online Studio with Smart phone APP for easy access anywhere! 
  • LIVE WORKOUTS every weekday! 9AM EST
  • NEW monthly Body Project HIITs that are quick, challenging and FUN: home and gym workouts. 
  • Monthly Body Project recipe books
  • Weekly Body Project mindset and habit tools to shift your habits, thoughts and behaviours. 
  • Monthly challenges to keep you inspired
  • Full access to The Body Project Insiders community and connections 
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A group coaching sessions
  • Bonus On-demand Podcast Conversations from leading industry experts. 
  • Plus, discounts all on Body Project Courses, gear and Programs 


Your Body Project Studio is about community and connection through fitness. 



I show up for you 
so you can show up for yourself..  

$39.99 per week 

Fitness builds strength,  and resiliency in face of COVID-19 and the stress of this uncertain time.