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Goals Create Action

It’s amazing how a goal you put out in the world calls forth action. This is true for so many things in life. When you create something bigger than yourself, it almost as though a higher being has called you into doing, then this goal you created becomes a catalyst for you to start taking action towards attaining that goal.


I am a strong believer that whatever you set your intention to, change your mindset and make a commitment, there is a manifestation that takes place that calls what you need into existence.  And no, I do not think that “poof” something appears from thin air- but I do think that your acuity is heightened, that you are more aware of your interactions when you function with a certain intention in your psyche.  It takes practice, but the practice of many minutes in each hour of the day increases your awareness ten fold… You start noticing things that you perhaps wouldn’t even see before, you start carrying yourself in a way that didnt’ exist and people then respond differently to you.


Many call this the law of attraction: I swear this to be true. I remember when I decide that i was going to do a fitness competition.  For those of you that knew me back in 2007-2008, I was not a “fitness competitor” nor am I now. But I made a decision.  I thought that if I was going to dedicate the time and the effort into getting on stage and doing a fitness competition, I was going to win.  WIN!  


Let me tell you, I didn’t have a plan, I didnt’ know how to walk, pose, shmoze, whatever.  But something happened.  It seemed silly at the time, but I used to imagine what would a person be like that won a fitness competition? How would they be, act, train, what would their mindset be? Who would they share their time with? What choices would they make?  


Long story short, things just fell into place- with little effort to be honest- yes I trained my ass off- but the rest came. My first show, I placed 1st and my second show 2nd!!! Voila.


What’s my point?


You too have access to attaining your goals- whether health related, whether business related, education related, whatever you choose.  We are very fortunate in North America that there are so many free resources that you can educate yourself, improve yourself and choose to be or do what you’d like.  The only REAL limit is you.


We just finished our 28 Day Protocol at the end of September with 8 participants.  Some of which kinda just agreed to doing the fitness and nutrition program with me just cause- not really knowing what it would entail and take.  The 3 participants that were not sure what they expected out of the program but set forward some pretty ambitious goals smashed the Protocol and decimated they body fat composition and had some outstanding breakthroughs.  It is no magic pill- but what it is are sound evidence-based nutrition and fitness protocol, me as your coach to hold you accountable and a structure that sets you up for success.


Just like the words by Sir Richard Branson “if someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure how to do it, say yes then learn how to do it later”.

Same Principles:

Create the Intention.

Set the goal.
Outline the details.

Figure out a plan.





About the Author Catherine Tanaka

My name is Catherine Tanaka. I am a Personal Trainer, Transformation Coach, Yogi enthusiast and Mom of two. I am on a mission to make a difference in others happiness through fitness using the best research available to give you the best fitness hacks to make being the best version of you possible. Learn more about my one-on-one coaching or check out my Online Course - The Body Project Protocol.

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