30 Day Green Shake Challenge

Thank you for signing up and Welcome to our 30 Day Green Shake Challenge.

My name is Catherine Tanaka and I am a fitness expert and transformation coach.  Over the past seven years I have used Green Shakes as a way for my clients to optimize their success in getting leaner, improving their recovery in fitness and shuttling great nutrition into their bodies all in one shake.

This Challenge is a great way for me to share some of my kick-ass recipes and nutrition knowledge with you so that you too can learn that adding a Green Protein Shake can be an easy change to get great health improvements.

Optimal nutrition can lead you to your ultimate body.

Sometimes that seems far from attainable.

This 30 Day Challenge is so simple that you will find that you too will access the secret to optimizing your healthier self.


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SEPTEMBER 1st 2017

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