Self Intimacy Retreat:

Intentional One day Session

This SELF INTIMACY RETREAT is a one day immersive,

in-person experience to connect with yourself and your desires.  


Connecting deeper with your desires, letting go of shame and being empowered to ask for what you want is a practice.  We are going to explore how to connect with what you need and connecting intimately with yourself. 


Join us for this one day retreat on

JUNE 5th 2022


“A retreat  is a magical way to connect with yourself deeply.  When you immerse yourself in this focused self intimacy, you can expect an incredible experience to be had.”

Catherine Tanaka

You will leave with beautiful practices to take back into your everyday. 


Start the day with intentional movement to create clarity and grounding in your body. 


Creating the context to find ease and pause. Connecting to breath and self


Incredible meals to nourish our souls and cells.


Throughout the day, we will be having conversations about self intimacy.


We have an incredible speaker who will help us go deeper in the Sex and Intimacy conversation.  Dr. Stephen de Wit is a Doctor of Sexology and specializes in supporting women to advocate for themselves and their sexual pleasure.


When practices align with consistency, with gratitude and intention, you life shows up in an uncanny way. Mindset coaching allows you to level up your life.

This Self Intimacy Retreat is about gifting yourself time and space to connect with what you desire. 

Intimacy and sensuality is part of your highest level of wellbeing and health.   Uncovering what we truly want and self intimacy honours what we want, connecting us to the sacred divine women we are.


This retreat is about giving yourself permission to connect with self and tap into creating deeper intimacy with yourself and others. 



What to expect:

Morning pastries, lunch, and yummy snacks.

Morning breath work and movement

Guided Movement

Focused Discussion Session

Guided Journaling.

Group Coaching.

Expert Speaker 

My name is Catherine tanaka

I am a fitness expert and a mindset coach who leads women to their highest selves, through fitness as the access point.

One of the greatest gift we can give ourselves is time, the time to rest, reset and rejuvenate so we can amplify who we are and how we can be in the world. 

It is my delight to offer this One Day Urban Retreat Away.

If participants are unable to attend the retreat , a credit will be given towards a future retreat or online program offered by Catherine Tanaka.  If participants short notice cancel within a week of the retreat, no refund or credit will be issued.