Hi Beautiful! 

My name is Catherine Tanaka, as seen on The Global Morning Show.
I am a Fitness Expert, Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist (completion May 2024) and Mindset Coach, and the host and producer of The Body Project Podcast.
My greatest joy is being a mom of two incredible little humans; Peyton and Sloan.

Every day, women face an ongoing struggle to find happiness and fulfillment in their bodies and minds. The demands of careers, the challenges of being busy mothers, and the constant lack of time, can leave women feeling worn down and discouraged.
I'm here to change that.

My mission is to empower women like you to unlock your true potential, to become your most confident, happiest, and fittest selves. Over the years, I've gathered a wealth of knowledge that I'm ready to share with you, guiding you on a transformative 100 Day journey towards empowerment, thriving health and unshakeable confidence.
It's time for you to start living your best life.

Through the powerful combination of fitness, nutrition, and mindset, I've witnessed the transformations of thousands of my clients. You too can have it all—a thriving career, fulfilling motherhood, cherished friendships, a life brimming with joy and accomplishment, all while feeling absolutely incredible in your own skin.

Can you imagine having control of your life and being on a path of empowerment? Picture your life where you no longer feel weighed down, no longer feel overwhelmed, and no longer feel trapped by extra weight and poor habits. My gift for women is to help them discover, in as little as fours months, that you can transform your life into the life you truly deserve—the life you have always dreamed of: fit, fulfilled and thriving.

Join the inspiring community of women who were once just like you—exhausted, out of shape, and struggling to prioritize their well-being amidst their busy lives. Begin with the KICKSTART of my 21-Day program today and get started to unlock your full potential. It's time to become the extraordinary woman you were meant to be.


This closely guided group program uses the Trifecta of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset to transform busy women into finally feeling body confidence and getting sustainable results they love.

This Group Program is for women who are 𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀 about taking their fitness practices to the next level, releasing body fat and ready to shift their mindset around what's possible, what's sustainable and how.  This is a proven system that I have used to help hundreds of women feel and look their best!

What Clients Are Saying

Busy Mom & Professor gets incredible, sustainable life long results in her fitness and mindset

This Busy mom of two, finally learns to put herself first and lose weight once and for all, while working full time.

This single mom and lawyer learns what it means to feel great always.


Your best  and most confident self is not a one month project. Feeling and looking your best is based on consistency and practices that make a lasting difference.

This STRONG BODY MEMBERSHIP  is a highly engaged and interactive body transformation methodology including mindset modules, focused fitness and nutrition to support your progress!


Ready for a reset and to kickstart your fitness and nutrition practices?

This support you to get back on track with your fitness and nutrition habits. 


April 4-7 2024

4 Days to reset and kickstart your spring intentions and level up your wellness practices. This moment away will be a beautiful reset for your mind, body & soul.

 Join me on this immersive experience to be in union with mother nature, yourself and a beautiful community of women. 


I have been hosting and producing my podcast for almost four years! 

I specialize in supporting busy women to look and feel their best.  This podcast is about asking, how do you want to live your life,  your best life, through fitness practices as the catalyst to your success.


Sharing with you thoughts, health and fitness hacks, and  how-to's

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