Leading by Example

FITNESS AND TRAINING WAS my personal medicine…

In 2007 I got divorced: married to someone I thought was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with… Life doesn’t always go as planned- It was one of the hardest but best lessons and exponential growth periods of my life.

Getting divorced, or encountering any big failure slaps you upside the head and shatters the path you perceive yourself on.  When I got married, I literally projected my one year, 5 years, what having kids looked like and growing old would look like.

Getting married almost becomes like the vision board, a plan.

Divorce: a complete abomonation of that vision.

I was devastated, felt like a complete failure, felt like I fell right into the divorce statistic!  This was NOT supposed to be my life!!!

Then depression set in.  How do you restart after divorce? Am I lovable? Will anyone ever want to be with a divorcee?

I was successful in the other relationships I had: I was a great presonal trainer and had a strong career as a Registered Dental Hygienist at the time, and although everything else in my life was successful, the divorce made EVERYTHING feel unaccomplished or doomed to fail.

Fitness was my therapy.

Fitness healed me.

Yes I have been in the industry since 1999, studies Kinesiology, trained hundreds of clients, but it wasn’t until I was at my lowest point that I found the missing link.

“Meditation through Motion”

I would get out of bed at the crack of dawn as I couldn’t sleep in my lonely empty apartment… the only thing that could drown out the sorrow and negative self-thoughts was moving.  Going to the gym at 5am, teaching a spin class, and lifting weights was literally a breath of fresh air.  Moving and having to be present while lifting each heavy rep created a focus, a solitude, my meditation through movement.  It was my calm place to be “in my zone”.



This became a cycle.  After a workout I felt mentally clear, refreshed and at ease- even if temporary.  And a such, my mind lead my body.  I felt better about my life situation and about how i came to where I was.  By virtue of wanting to feel that, I would immerse myself in my daily rintual of the gym: to be present, then by doing this day in and out I started  experiencing longer bouts of exhilaration, contentment, happiness– but moreover, I looked amazing!!!

The mind leads the body and the body leads the mind.  We are one unit and we all know if we look better, we feel better. And if we have a better mind frame we can do better for our bodies…

This “healing” that took place through fitness started infiltrating the rest of my life.  I became more confident.  I was able to love myself again and the conversation that I was lovable and would love again and be loved back.  The conversation of being a failure turned into a feeling of being accomplished, overcoming and being empowered by this new opportunity, another chance to be the best version of myself.

Transforming You

Because of the transformation I went through, I am now able to piggyback on the almost 17 years of experience to help you access your best version and make you the best versions of yourself.

Failure in Fitness

So why don’t you have your best-version-of-you body?

You have everything else in your life show up amazingly…

So why can’t you get your body to the optimal place you want to be?

You no longer have to wait for the elusive “someday”

Piggybacking on all prior of knowledge and experience, after spending countless hours researching how to get fit, the importance of muscle mass for women, how to get lean without compromising a sexy physique, I have the solution for you.

All these principles, proof from results and evidence-based research have been compiled and put into my protocol.

Furthermore, I have not only applied these principles for clients- I have also tested  them on myself: 10 month after my first baby- I lost 42 lbs in 10 months was leaner than before I was pregnant

Less than a year after my second child was born, I did it all over again and 40 lbs (again) and I was as lean as I ever was.

I continue to apply these principles to my clients and they too are getting amazing results!

I’m constantly creating amazing results for successful lives.  I’ve you’re willing to put in the work and integrity that you have in most other parts of your life into this- I will support you and hold you accountable- you will change your physique, feel incredible, sexy, strong and beautiful.

Let’s do this!

This is going to incredible.

Love and Light,


“It’s about to go down” -Jay Z


Today,  I have a beautiful family and a loving, supportive side-kick in my husband.  I believe in doing what you say and saying what you want.  I appreciate all the blessings I have been given and to lead by example in everything I do, I work hard to make my mark in a positive way and to love and give as much as I can.


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