5 Day Fitness Challenge

As a mindset coach and fitness expert, getting clear on how to live your best life and implementing systems help us transform all aspects of our lives: how we look, feel, move and live. 

There is a cascade effect and an uncanny way that your improves when you start implementing things to make you feel your best.

This 5 Day Challenge is designed to kick-start your self-care and get back on track before, during or after the holidays so you can feel great starting NOW! 

Ready to focused support in the new year?


I'm Catherine Tanaka 

I specialize in supporting busy women transform the way the feel and look through fitness and mindset practices. 

I believe that the Trifecta of Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset of how to finally feel confidence in your body and get sustainable results you love.

This 100 Day Group Program is for women who are ready to step into their most confident, self-assured self.  This if for the women who is π˜€π—²π—Ώπ—Άπ—Όπ˜‚π˜€ about taking their fitness practices to the next level, releasing body fat and ready to shift their mindset around what's possible, what's sustainable and how to get lasting results. 

This is a powerful system that has help hundreds of women feel and look their best.