I have the solution for you!

This Protocol has changed the way hundreds of people have fuelled their bodies and moved to optimized their health and fitness results in just 4 weeks!

The 28 Day Protocol includes a nutrition system that will reset your appetite control,
increasing your insulin sensitivity, in turn revving up your metabolism, making you
a fat burning furnace.

With the combination of clean eating and personalized workouts for you fitness level,
this protocol is the catalyst to burning fat, sculpting your physique and getting you
on track to attain your fitness and health goals in a short period of time.


My name is Catherine Tanaka.  I am an uber busy mom of 2, fitness expert and transformation coach.

I have been a fitness coach for over 18 years. It has been
a continuous journey, perfecting my craft over almost two decades.  Now as a mother of two, working in my
husband’s office and running my own business, I know the
value of maximizing results in minimum time, using proven, evidence-based practices.

There is no magic formula to attain results easily.
However, this is an effective protocol that elicits clear,
tangible results!


1) you will gain the tools to consistently fuel your body without feeling deprived.
you will lose body fat through fuelling your body well
3) you will be leaner, tighter and clothes will fit better
4) you will have increased energy
5) you will improve your self care and work mindfully to optimize your health
6) you will feel energized
7) you will feel revitalized
8) you will be a better version of yourself with tools to improve thereafter

28 Day Protocol Guide
This program has a Guided-Nutrition System, based in evidenced-based research that isn’t going to leave you starving, severely cutting calorie and leaving you rebounding into weight gain after this Protocol.  This Protocol is proven to work and kick start your metabolism into high gear!
($350 Value)

28 Day Protocol Menu & Nutrition Plan
All food recommendations are based on eating real, whole foods- and enough to FUEL you body well and properly.  No Diet Foods!

ALL your supplements to maximize and be the catalyst for your results in 28 Days!
($450 Retail)

Individualized Caloric Recommendations based on your needs 
This 28 Day Protocol IS NOT a cookie-cutter plan.  We all know that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.  Let me give you an evidence-based, INDIVIDUALIZED Nutrition Recommendation.

At-Home QUICK High Intensity Interval Workouts
You will received 12 Full Body, At-Home Customized High Intensity Interval Workouts that will get you amazing results, and will fit into your busy life. ($300 Value)

Accountability: Guaranteeing your Success!
Secret Facebook Community to support you through your journey, sharing tips and tricks to ensure your success.

RECIPE EBOOK: Easy Recipes for you to follow!
Enjoy Catherine’s Amazing healthy Recipes to make eating easy and your success attainable!

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“I was shocked when I weighted myself this morning, and really had to do a double take!!! I’m loving this so far and feel really good!!!

I don’t even fee like i’m missing out on anything, or hungry at the end of the day”

This is how my amazing client you see in the picture above felt  after just two weeks in the 28 day Protocol! And you can see by day 28 she had lost 13 pounds and felt energized, loved the workouts and felt great! .

Here are the things some of our other amazing 28 Day Protocol Clients have to say:



We can do this!


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If you’re running your A game in business,
running your household like a “Boss”,
and you’re rocking your six-pack on your beach holidays, and can train for a Triathlon, then

This is Not for You!

Here is My Promise To You!Clients have reported_increased energy- Fat los

It’s time YOU get on Track
to get you the Body you Want!


May 1st 2018

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