The 28 Day Protocol

Have you struggled for years to lose weight, get fit and toned?
Are you ready to loose 5, 10, and even 15 lbs with us?
We continue to get lasting results with our proven system.  And you can too!

This Protocol has changed the way hundreds of people have nourished their bodies and exercised to optimized their health and fitness results.
All in just 28 Days!

We all have our own Body Project Goals of being thinner, lighter, fitter, stronger.
Our participants have been successful time and time again, in achieving sustainable results.

Perhaps you’ve tried a “diet’ before or maybe you already do the workouts and eat well but just still feel stuck. 

So many people like you come to me, WANTING to bust through the stagnant plateau but just don’t know where to start….

This is the solution for you!


The 28 Day Protocol has transformed the way people eat, the way  people exercise and how they approach their fitness success.
This program includes
1) a done-for-you nutrition guide, with an easy to follow grocery list and meal plan that makes it work in your busy life,

2) amazing at-home workouts that are fast but uber effective regardless of how pressed for time you are!

3) The tools to up levels your Body Project Goals giving you proven habits, reframing your approach to food, life, workouts, and your success.

The Results

You will reset your hunger, learn your real hunger cues, support how you metabolize fat, eliminate sugar cravings and making you an effective fat burning furnace.

You will get leaner, stronger and reshaping the tone and physique of your body.
You will feel confident and capable, building lasting habits that get you the results you want.
No more yo-yo diets.
No more failed attempts
No more falling “off the bandwagon”.

You will FINALLY be successful keeping the weight off with continued fitness and weight loss SUCCESS!


My name is Catherine Tanaka.  I am an uber busy mom of 2, Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability coach, and the Host and Producer of The Body Project Podcast.

I have been a fitness coach for over 18 years.
It has been a continuous journey, evolving my craft over almost two decades.

As a mother of two, running my fitness studio and hosting my Fitness Podcast, I know the
value of maximizing results in minimum time. 

I have spend countless hours studying evidence-based practices and creating programs and systems that truly work.

There is no magic formula to get easy results.
However, this Protocol is highly effective in eliciting clear, tangible, lasting results!



1) you will gain the tools to consistently fuel your body without feeling deprived.
you will lose body fat through fuelling your body well
3) you will be leaner, tighter and your clothes will fit better
4) you will have increased energy
5) you will improve your self-care and work mindfully to optimize your health
6) you will feel energized
7) you will feel revitalized
8) you will be a better version of yourself with tools to continuously improve hereafter

28 Day Protocol Guide
This program has a Guided Step By Step Systeml, created with evidenced-based principles that is satiating, without severely cutting calorie and leaving you rebounding into weight gain after this Protocol.
This Protocol System is proven to work and kick start your metabolism into high gear!
($350 Value)

28 Day Protocol Menu & Nutrition Plan
You will receive weekly grocery list, exact done-for-you outlines of your menu and all the associated recipes making this plan an easy plug and play to successfully Meal Prep.
All food recommendations are based on real, whole foods- and enough to FUEL you body well and properly.  No Diet Foods!
($375 Value)

At-Home HIIT Workouts
These 12 Full Body, At-Home High Intensity Interval Workouts are designed to get you amazing results, while fitting into your busy life. ($300 Value)

Supporting your success and ensuring that you’re sticking to the plan is imperative to your success.
You will feel like you have a cheering squad on your side everyday rooting for your micro wins.
You will join our Secret Facebook Community to support you through your journey, sharing tips and tricks to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

AMAZING supplements to aid in maximizing your results in 28 Days!


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