The 21 Day Kickstart

21 Days to reset your habits and gain the momentum to kickstart your fitness and fat loss success.  Workouts can be done at home or office, with none or minimal equipment  (hand weights, step and band)


• Virtual workouts, Monday to Friday at 6:45AM

• Workout library sent to you if you miss us live 

• Easy to follow meal plans 

• Recipes and grocery guide

• Live group calls and coaching
• Weekly Q&A with Catherine

• Support and Accountability
• Community of like-minded women

I've helped thousands of busy women live their best lives!
Find out how, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

What Our Clients Say

Welcome Beautiful

My name is Catherine Tanaka, as seen on The Global Morning Show.

I am a Fitness Expert and Mindset Coach, and the host and producer of The Body Project Podcast, but one of my greatest joys is being a mom of two.

I specialize in transforming busy working women into their most confident, happiest and fittest selves.  My life's mission is to share the knowledge and tools I have gained to teach busy women, just like you, how to be empowered and confident in their health and body, so that they can live their best lives.

The trifecta of fitness, nutrition and mindset has created life long results for thousands of my clients.  I am of the belief that women can have it all.  They can work, they can be mothers, friends and live a full and fulfilled life while feeling incredible in their bodies.

I teach busy women how to get healthy and fit despite their busy schedules.  Join thousands of others who are finally feeling and looking their best.  Sign up today to join our next 21 Day!

Have questions?  I'm happy to answer.  Book a call below.

Join a community of busy women
who feel incredible in their body and life

Disclaimer:  All payments are final as of 7 days prior to the start of program.  Refund is subject to admin fee deductions.